Anastasia M. Bukashe

Consultant & Coach

Anastasia M. Bukashe is a consultant and coach with Inspired-Inc., focused on leadership and organization development. She is a scholar-practitioner with 30 years of experience and a passion for bringing together knowledge and practice in ways that enable leaders to grow and offer value to their sector and society.

She is most energized when given the privilege to journey with people to create contexts in which everyone can flourish. This passion has led her to work in all sectors of society, at individual, team, organization and community level, and opened up opportunities to work internationally. To date she has worked in over 15 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

Anastasia began her career in the peacebuilding and conflict resolution field, working actively as a mediator and facilitator in South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia & Eritrea, and Israel & Palestine. This led her to an interest in post-conflict reconstruction work and her support for International Non-Profits working in Eastern Europe and parts of Africa. She has a gift for facilitating dialogue and designing processes that give former combatants an opportunity to engage in reconciliation and forgiveness, as well as policy formulation to create legislative frameworks to rebuild societies.

Her approach to transformation and systems change is grounded in strength-based models, which seek to uncover and leverage those aspects in human systems that can create quantum leaps for the future. Her specialty areas include leadership development and coaching, strategic planning, organizational culture change, diversity, cultural competence, and conflict resolution.

Anastasia’s strength as a consultant lies in her ability to bring together theory and practice in ways that empower leaders to navigate transition in their specific context, with a view to understanding their larger socio-economic and political location.

Anastasia believes that each human being has something unique and valuable to offer in whatever place they find themselves. She loves mentoring and coaching precisely because it offers an opportunity for individuals to find and follow their gifts and passions, in a way that builds better organizations and societies.

Since 2012 Anastasia has been a Faculty member at American University (Washington DC) School of Public Affairs’ M.S. program in Organization Development. She has numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals and is a well-regarded speaker at Conferences and other events.

Anastasia earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Witwatersrand, a Masters in Theology from St Augustine’s University (both in Johannesburg, South Africa), and a PhD in Organizational Behavior, from CASE Western Reserve University, USA.

She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her family. Besides working as an independent consultant, she also serves as a priest in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.