Our Pro bono Award

Our pro bono award; Image of a butterfly on a flower; Quote: Only from the heart can you touch the sky - Jalal-ad-Din Rumi

Inspired Inc. seeks to invest each year in one or two deserving non-profits and support them by providing “pro-bono services”.
During our first 20 years of operation, over 30 organizations have received this award, which has added significant value to all of them.



Previous recipients of our Pro-bono Award have been, e.g., a Washington DC based human rights organization, a state flagship symphony orchestra, a large health clinic serving underprivileged neighborhoods, the executive director of an international advocacy organization, a faith-based charitable organization, and many others.  Leaders, and their organizations, must meet certain requirements of commitment, mission, and sponsorship to qualify for the award.



How the Inspired Pro-bono Award Operates

It is called “pro-bono” because Inspired makes no money
at all from these projects

At the same time, our services are not free to the organization
receiving the award



This is how it works

The Board of Directors of an interested, deserving non-profit organization must submit to Inspired an application for the award, specifying:

  • The overall purpose of the organization
  • The desired leadership and/or organization development objective they seek. We are happy to support with clearly articulating this objective
  • The amount of money they are willing and able to pay for those services. Inspired will accept whatever amount their board deems appropriate; all we ask is that the Board stipulates in the application that they consider such amount to be a meaningful amount to the organization, in relation to the project
  • Inspired will submit invoice(s) for services rendered, just as it does with every client. The difference here is that as soon as payment(s) are received, Inspired will donate the entire amount(s) to a charity of our mutual consensual choosing; and, of course, will submit appropriate receipts to the organization

Thus, the organization receiving the award experiences top quality services (same quality, care, and attention as our regular full-paying clients) at an affordable meaningful price, while Inspired makes no money at all. Our unique approach creates a strong structure for accountability, which benefits both the sponsoring organization as well as a mutually agreed-upon third-party charity who receives the nominal fee as donation.