Nyema Sayed

Consultant & Coach

Nyema is a consultant and coach with Inspired-Inc., helping facilitate the Unique Cultural Lens experience.

She has decades of experience in the healthcare industry, including as an HR executive, where she focuses on creating and executing strategic agendas centered on yielding results. Her experience extends to mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures in Fortune 500 companies, with an emphasis on the organizational culture during these significant changes. She has designed and implemented several culture change initiatives that focused on generating meaningful, sustainable transformations within the organization. This work is based on her unique approach to clients and their goals with empathy, a sharp mind, and the ability to hone in on underlying causes that once brought to the surface, can be addressed.

Nyema has rich experience in cultural competence work, having a personal passion that she has translated into building various diversity, equity, inclusion programs; group coaching programs focused on hearing and seeing others’ authentic self; and individual coaching focused on strengthening cultural awareness and responsiveness.

She is passionate about helping those she works with thrive, inspiring others to reach their full potential. To this end, she has crafted and customized numerous leadership development programs tailored to the individual need of each group, but all with the same goal of helping others flourish. In addition to mid-level leadership development, she has done extensive work with coaching and developing C-Suite leaders and is a trusted advisor for those she works with.

Nyema majored in the Spanish language and Middle Eastern studies at the University of Mary Washington, graduated from the American University’s Masters of Organization Development program with distinction, was awarded the Segal-Seashore for her focus on helping organizations build cultural awareness, is certified in Appreciative Inquiry, and completed the NeuroLeadership Institute’s Brain Based Coaching program.