Our Impact

Our Impact; Image of a winding road through hills; Quote: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela

We have been fortunate enough to work with clients across the world in our leadership and organization development consulting, customized leadership development, and executive coaching practices. Explore our impact and reach below.



Our Reach

We have worked with over 70 clients in 55 different countries
since starting in 2001 and are excited to continue growing!

Map showing the places where Inspired has worked with clients


not-for-profits clients


private sector clients


public sector clients


Pie chart showing the client breakdown


We have helped:

20 clients with hundreds of Executive Coaching engagements
24 clients with Leadership Development programs
28 clients with Leadership and Organization Development Consulting


Our Value

We are proud of the positive impact and value we have been able to add to our many clients for over 20 years. The following syntheses are but a few examples:


Mid-size international bank: Through a deliberate, multi-year, facilitated approach to change, that included group facilitation and training, and 1-on-1 leadership coaching, we were able to support a successful leadership transition and business transformation. This is most critical at times of key CEO transition in small to mid-sized businesses, where much can be gained (or lost) from stabilizing the workforce and minimizing business disruption when an executive leaves. Lessons from this engagement highlight the importance of practicing ‘inspired leading,’ a leadership framework based on balancing the creative energy among being authentic, accountable, and agile to create conditions for teams and organizations to thrive.
International Manufacturing: Mexican Company (plant located in the US): Inspired collaborated with the leadership of a recently acquired plant to shed light on the root causes behind production, coordination, and cross-cultural challenges, designing a plan of action that increased commitment and mobilized the entire plant towards greater efficiency and employee satisfaction.
Lobbying Firm (Washington, DC based): Inspired designed and delivered the organization development program to consolidate and manage unprecedented change, including training, facilitation and executive coaching, at one of the most influential lobbying groups in the U.S. Our client reported that the engagement produced significantly increased alignment between their federal and state-level advocacy efforts, as well as much enhanced staff engagement, satisfaction, and commitment.
Multilateral development agency (Rome based): We led the financial & leadership domains of an enterprise-wide review of the agency’s worldwide operations and management, which resulted in a comprehensive restructuring of its organizational structure, enabling it to better address the 21st century challenges it now faces around the world.
Global Civil Engineering Corporation (UK based): Inspired co-designed and delivered, in close partnership with the client, two global leadership development programs, one for their superintendents, the other for their project managers. In addition to strengthened leadership capabilities, our client also reported increased staff alignment and sense of belonging to the now-one global company, from a collection of previously separate local companies, which had recently merged into a global force.