The UCL Experience

The UCL Experience; Image of an eye with the world in it

What is your cultural lens made of?

Discover the deep work of diversity, equity, and inclusion to
achieve true belonging with the Unique Cultural Lens Experience


A framework for growth

The Unique Cultural Lens (UCL) Experience offers a proven framework and transformational
experience to do this. Through interactive remote conversations, it’ll come alive how exploring your
UCL will: deepen your self- and systems-awareness, enhance your ability to be authentic and
accountable, and align your impact on others with your intent.


A framework for our intense world

Clearly, 2020 and 2021 are unique years where events, around the world, are inspiring people and
organizations large and small to examine the unspoken rules that define culture and impact race,
gender, and other cross-cultural relations. We all want to be respected for who we are and the
cultural contexts we bring with. We want to feel seen, heard, and appreciated; we long to belong.
Diversity bonuses, such as (1) improved innovation, (2) better decision-making, and (3) increased
profitability, do not emerge simply by putting diverse people together in a team; diversity can
create friction. Being culturally competent helps to alleviate the challenges diverse teams face,
and transform that friction into creative energy. Whether we interact domestically or
internationally, this has created a need to increase our cultural competence.



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Extensive pre-work to prepare,
half-day session, requires
quiet setting and focused attention.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of the UCL and how does it relate to current realities?

Local, national, and global discourse is elevating thoroughly embedded and largely subconscious elements of culture to society’s attention. This has increased the need to explore how these deeply systemic cultural elements affect who you are and how you interact with others personally and professionally. The purpose of the UCL Experience is to prepare you—and/or accompany you—as you do your UCL Exercise. It is a proven framework and transformational experience to deepen your self- and systems-awareness, enhance your ability to be authentic and accountable, align your impact on others with your intent, and strengthen your cultural competence.


What impact might working on our UCLs have on an organization as a whole?

Considering that in today’s diverse world even local contacts are likely to be multicultural interactions, dissemination to an even broader audience of a fundamental finding in the field of cultural competence can have tremendous impact. Specifically, the key to successfully interacting, learning from and influencing people from different cultures does not lie on knowing the specific cultural tricks of their cultures; it lies on taking a deep dive into our own usually subconscious cultural biases, bringing them up into the conscious, accepting them, leveraging useful ones that help us in specific situations, and growing out of those we no longer believe are true or helpful. And, that’s exactly what the UCL Exercise supports.


What impact might working on our UCLs have on the larger world?

The pursuit of cultural competence, described in the response to the above question, in today’s highly complex and increasingly diverse world, gives us a competitive advantage, and enriches our lives, our clients, our teams, our organizations, and the world.