[Old Design] How We Do It

Our consulting expertise is rigorously built upon best practices of the Organization Development and Executive Coaching professions and on our experience of respectfully engaging and collaborating with over 100 organizational systems. Here’s how we do it:

Assessment of fit

We don’t try to be everything to everyone. We won’t engage with you without knowing that we can really add value. We’ll be up front with you — if we don’t think we have what you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to provide referrals — but we won’t force the fit.


It is important to us that we set and honor clear expectations with you — about outcomes, scope, commitment and roles. And we continue to re-calibrate with you as needed throughout our engagement with you — to maintain our alignment with you, and provide the most realistic and effective processes.

Collaborative consulting

We don’t just consult to you or your system. We educate and share our assumptions with you so that you can learn from and collaborate with us in the engagement.


Success for us is when you feel that the results from our work with you far exceeds the investment of time, money and effort. We’re not satisfied until you are.