Our Impact – Consulting

  • Global Bank (Caribbean based): We designed and delivered a multi-year, multi-intervention strategy to strengthen leadership capability at all levels and enable the bank to better manage organizational/functional challenges, growth and an expansion to new markets.
  • International Manufacturing: Mexican Company (plant located in the US): We collaborated with the leadership of a recently acquired plant to shed light on the root causes behind production, coordination and cross-cultural challenges, designing a plan of action that increased commitment and mobilized the entire plant towards greater efficiency and employee satisfaction.
  • Advocacy Firm (US based): Inspired Inc. designed and delivered the organization development program to consolidate and manage unprecedented change, including training, facilitation and executive coaching, at one of the most influential lobbying groups in the U.S.
  • Multilateral development agency (headquarters based in Rome): We led the financial & leadership domains of an enterprise-wide review of the agency’s worldwide operations and management, which resulted in a comprehensive restructuring of its organizational structure, enabling it to better address the 21st century challenges it now faces around the world.
  • Financial Services Firm (US based): Working with the CEO and the President of the firm, as well as their executive team, we identified challenges presented by unprecedented success clashing with antiquated structures and processes. Using a combination of organization development and executive coaching the firm was left with a new structure, a more capable leadership team and more efficient processes.
  • International Development (projects in the public sector, Afghanistan): We facilitated negotiations at the top levels of the President’s Chief of Staff office as well as at several provincial governments in Afghanistan to assess the current state and begin the process of identifying opportunities for greater transparency and improvement in an extremely complex and dangerous environment.