Our Impact – Executive Coaching

Slide 1 Enrique brings to his coaching something many in the field lack—an impressive record of accomplishment as an executive and business leader. Slide 2 Suzanne, I am thankful for our time together. Your insight has been invaluable in my growth. There are not enough words to thank you for your mixture of wisdom, tenderness, ability to challenge me and give me perspective. Slide 3 Enrique has helped me to distinguish between barriers that are within me and those that are in my environment. Slide 4 Coaching has made a difference in my relationship with my boss and coworkers. In addition, my family has noticed the difference in me at home. I learned so many things from Suzanne, but also learned to trust myself. Slide 5 Enrique is highly insightful, intelligent and empathetic – blending strength and bold candor with a deep warmth and gentleness. Slide 6 Suzanne has been a great sounding board prompting me to think outside of the box, recognize my own strengths and weaknesses in action, often identifying when operating in a blind spot.