[Old Design] Executive Coaching

We have worked with thousands of leaders: C-suite executives, high potential mid-level managers, in both for- & non-profit organizations, across sectors around the globe, as well as with elected officials.  Clients consistently commend our ability to enable them to make sense of conflicting data and create strategies that have a positive long-term impact on them and on their organizations. We create a space where clients can be safely challenged in order to productively explore issues and find practical solutions for themselves and their organizations.  We help clients feel at ease and comfortable tackling even the toughest issues.  Our efforts, combined with client commitment, have resulted in: increased capacity to proactively manage change in a sustainable way; measurably improved leadership capability; and systems more aligned and energized around vision and strategies.

Our Inspired-Inc. Pro-bono Award:

Inspired -Inc. seeks to invest each year in one or two non-profits we support by providing “pro-bono services”.  Previous recipients of our Pro-bono Award have been, e.g., an executive in a human rights organization, a symphonic orchestra conductor, an executive director of an international advocacy organization, and others.  Leaders, and their organizations, must meet certain requirements of commitment and sponsorship to qualify for the award. Our unique approach creates a strong structure for accountability, which benefits both the sponsoring organization as well as a mutually agreed-upon third-party charity who receives the nominal fee as donation.