[Old Design] Organization Development Consulting

Some organizations need an extra pair of hands. Others need advice on a technical issue. Our clients seek out our consulting services because they want to know how best to mobilize themselves and their organizations. They understand that the difference between those that successfully execute and those that don’t lies in their ability to:

  • Envision and clearly articulate the future
  • Confront reality
  • Learn from the past
  • Respectfully and courageously engage the will and insight of many stakeholders

Our approach helps clients create the conditions for success, leading to higher quality solutions and greater buy-in from stakeholders. We help them:

  • Identify, and build on, their strengths
  • Manage change well
  • Clarify their vision, mission and strategies
  • Understand their organizational dynamics better
  • Get to the root cause of problems
  • Gain perspective
  • Build trust
  • Tap into and learn from resistance
  • Manage expectations
  • Improve morale by implementing early wins
  • Track and build on successes