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Innovative Global Leadership (Full Version)

Flow Leadership Conference 2017Innovative Global Leadership: Moving from Fear to ChoiceSusanne M. Zaldivar & Enrique J. Zaldivar(Full Version)

Posted by IODA - Co-creating One Global OD Community on Thursday, April 13, 2017

The partners of Inspired Inc. have taught in Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, South Africa and the US. Both are adjunct faculty members at American University’s Master of Science in Organization Development program in Washington, DC. In addition, Enrique has also taught in the School of Psychology at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and has held teaching positions early in his career at both Universidad La Salle and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Suzanne has been adjunct faculty within Trinity University’s Department of Business in Washington, DC. Both have made dozens of customized presentations to a spectrum of audiences ranging from small groups to 500+ participants. Audiences have ranged from elementary school children to highly sophisticated listeners, which include finance ministers from several countries and senior officers of large corporations.



Select Speaking Engagements

  • Innovative Global Leadership FLOW Leadership Conference (Budapest, Hungary, 2017)
  • AAA Leadership: Leading with authenticity, adaptability & accountability Foro Mundial de Recursos Humanos (Monterey, NL, Mexico, 2015)
  • Cultural Capacity from the Heart: A strengths-based approach for leadership coaching Georgetown University Annual Coaching Conference (McLean, VA, 2015)
  • Spirituality of Leadership: Being in Condition to Lead (St. Colomba’s Episcopal Church, Washington, DC 2014)
  • Cultural Capacity Leadership Development Conference (Portugal, 2014)
  • Appreciative Leadership UN Headquarters (Geneva, Switzerland, 2014)
  • Global Consulting: Insights on Bridging Cultures, Influencing and Use of Power Intercultural Management Institute (Washington DC, 2014)
  • Multicultural Capacity 49th Annual AKRI International Dialogues in Group Relations: What Do I Stand For (Chicago, 2013)
  • Global Leadership: Fresh Skills for Facing Cross-Cultural Chaos Intercultural Management Institute Annual Conference (Washington, DC, 2012)
  • The Subtle Dance of Consulting: Power, Influence and Values Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network (Bethesda, MD, 2012)
  • Global Diversity & Multicultural Competency for HR Professionals Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Annual Conference (Las Vegas, NV, 2011)
  • Diversity to the Next Level: Multicultural Competency Organization Development Network Annual Conference (New Orleans, LA, 2010)
  • OD on the Edge: Consulting in Afghanistan Organization Development Network Annual Conference (Baltimore, MD, 2011) International OD Association (Namaacha, Mozambique, 2012)
  • Global Coaching: Multicultural Competency Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Annual Conference (Clarendon, VA, 2010)
  • Global OD: From Diversity to Multicultural Competency Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network Annual Conference (Washington, DC, 2010)
  • Powerful & Connected: How Women Can Best Lead Men Annual HBA Conference (Washington, DC, 2007)
  • Systems Thinking and Terrorism New York University (New York, NY, 2006)
  • Building Stronger Relationships in a Challenging Environment Legal Conference (Washington, DC 2006)
  • Leadership for Engineers USDA Greenbelt Research Ctr. (Greenbelt, MD, 2003)
  • Building Self-Knowledge & Managing One-self: Learning through Relationships EPA headquarters (Washington, DC, 2003)
  • Understanding the Cultural Context in which we do Business Channel Focus Latin America 2002 (Miami, FL, 2002)
  • Inspiring Loyalty Women Presidents’ Organization (Washington, DC, 2000)
  • Leadership in the New Millennium World Future Society (Washington, DC, 1999)